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A common reason for registration failure is mismatch in any of the information you provide. Please make sure that your TS Rewards Number, First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth are all correct.

If all is correct and registration still fails, please contact website supports the browsers Internet Explorer 9 and above, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

You may be entering an incorrect TS Rewards number or PIN.

Please note that your TS Rewards number is printed on the front of your rewards card.

If you forgot your PIN, please visit the Rewards Desk to have it reset.


You need to have a TS Rewards card in order to register for MyTurningstone website.

If you already have a card, please click on "Register" button on the top right corner of website and follow the steps to register.

Your registration will be approved after verifying the details that you provide during registration.


Enter your TS Rewards # and PIN to proceed